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Our principles for health, safety and environment are firmly anchored in FBV principles.
Our approach
We ensure safe operations that protect people, the environment, our communities and assets. We use natural resources efficiently, and provide products that support sustainable development. We believe that all accidents can be prevented.
We are committed to:
·         Integrating HSE in how we do business
·         Improving HSE performance in all our activities
·         Demonstrating the importance of HSE through hands-on leadership and behavior
·         Openness in all HSE issues and active engagement with stakeholders
How we work
·         We take responsibility for our own and others’ safety and security
·         We work systematically to understand and manage risk
·         We provide employees with necessary resources, equipment and training to deliver according to designated responsibilities
·         We cooperate with our joint venture partners and suppliers based on mutual respect
·         We stop unsafe acts and operations
·         We apply clean and efficient technologies to reduce the negative environmental impact of existing operations
·         We work to limit greenhouse gas emissions
·         We aim for a safe and attractive working environment characterized by respect, trust and cooperation
·         We monitor our people’ health in job-related risks
·         We establish work processes, goals and performance indicators to control, measure and improve them
·         We run HSE improvement processes based on surveys and risk assessments, and we involve our people
·         We build robust plants and maintain them to prevent accidents
·         If accidents occur, our emergency preparedness shall do the utmost to reduce injury and loss

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