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Fugitive Emission Test of FBV Valves Returns Great Results

Houston, TX (August 10, 2013) - FBV Inc. is pleased to announce that its gate valves passed low fugitive emission test with great results. We recently conducted the Fugitive Emission Test on a gate valve with Chesterton die-formed 1622 mechanical packing for methane emission. The test conditions are:


Valve Type: FBV Gate Valve, NPS 4, Class 300, Rising Stem

Packing Type: Chesterton 1622 Die-formed Rings

Packing Size: 1.00 x 1.531 x 0.250

Number of Rings: 5

Medium: Methane Pressure: 600 psig

Temperature: Ambient & 500oF

Number of Cycles: 310  


The test returned great results with emission value measured using the sniffing method according to EPA Method 21. The dynamic emission reading never exceeded 30 ppmv and the static measurement emissions were consistently low, at 13 ppmv or less. The overall test average was 8 ppm.

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