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Considering true customer satisfaction, while ensuring that customer needs and expectations are quantified and transformed into requirements for products and services, the company has established its quality policy as follows:


1. Our company is committed to improving policies and procedures which enhance the quality of our products; continually enhancing customer satisfaction.
2. This policy is in line with our company's general management policy; it's an important component of the company's general management policy, embodying the commitment of meeting customer requirements and obtaining continual improvement.
3. This policy provides the framework for establishing and reviewing our quality objective; each functional department affecting quality should make an effort to realize company quality objectives. Quality Objective Control Procedures shall be implemented.
4. Leaders at each level should communicate the quality policy all individuals as they relate to management, inspection and facility operations, ensuring that staff correctly understands and strictly enforces the same.
5. The Company shall review the quality policy periodically, and amendments to the quality policy shall be performed so as to apply to changing environments, as necessary. A Management Review Control Procedure shall be implemented.
6. Approval, issue, review and amendment of the quality policy shall be controlled; the Document Control Procedure shall be implemented.



  1. Machining of parts acceptance rate >=97%;
  2. Qualified rate at first check >=96%;
  3. Outgoing products acceptance rate 100%
  4. Customer satisfaction rate >=95%
  5. Feedback processing rate 100%

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