Distributor Policy

FBV, Inc. welcomes and thanks you for your interest in becoming a FBV Distributor. FBV Distributors are envisioned as an extension of our network in order to supply and service our customers quickly and efficiently. We value our partner's commitment and take pride in strengthening our business relationship. This policy overview will explain the requirements, benefits, and expectation of our Distributors to effectively grow together.

I. Requirements

All potential distributors will be required to meet the following requirements in order to be a FBV Distributor:
A. Must have a license from their local government to show proof of ownership and physical business location;
B. Major target customers are: Oil & Gas Industry, Petroleum Industry, Chemical Plants, Power Station, etc;
C. Has more than one year of business experience;
D. Owns a website with their domain;
E. Required documents to be submitted: Distributor Application Form, proof of company registration, company picture, warehouse picture (if applicable), Tax Identification Certificate, sale invoice of valves from within the previous six (6) months other than with FBV Inc.

II. Distributor Benefits**

In becoming an FBV Distributor, FBV will provide the following benefits:
A. Eligible to use FBV brand for biding projects for entering oil company supplier chain;
B. Receive acknowledgement by listing company information on FBV website;
C. Receive advertising and promotional materials for sales & marketing;
D. Receive customer protection;
E. Receive technical support about valves;
F. Receive spare parts depending on the order amount;
G. Receive assistance in presentation to End-Users and for Exhibitions;
H. Receive invitation to attend FBV sales and technical meetings/seminars.
**Further details of the Distributor Benefits are outlined in the Distributor Manual.

III. Commitment

Upon becoming an Authorized Distributor of FBV, Inc, the period of validity will begin at six (6) months and will be extended based on overall evaluation and accomplishments. During the Agreement, Distributors will be responsible for marketing and selling FBV brand name products in their authorized territory and will be expected to register FBV in major Oil and Gas Companies as an Approved Manufacturer List (AML) or Vendor List. Distributors will be expected to provide customer sale service and assist with basic technical inquiries to their customers. Distributors will behave in a professional and ethical manner in order to serve their customers with excellent care and will follow the laws and regulations established in their territory. The Distributor will also abstain from falsifying or duplicating FBV products and documentation without the written permission of FBV.

Iv. Upon Acceptance

FBV, Inc. will provide an Authorization Certificate upon acceptance as an Authorized Distributor. The Distributor will also receive a Starter Kit of Promotional Products and a Distributor Manual that will provide more detailed explanation of your Benefits, Commitments and Expectations of our partnership. Before your period has expired, FBV will issue a Semi-Annual Evaluation Report to be completed by the Distributor and will be reviewed to determine if you will be eligible to continue Distributorship.

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