Oxygen Service
Characteristics of working conditions
The main characteristics of oxygen working condition are that oxygen can react with most materials because of its combustion supporting and oxidizing properties, and the air flow can drive impurities in the pipeline to friction in the valve cavity, which may also generate sparks, causing fire accidents.
Recommended valve selection

For this working condition, FBV adopts anti-oxidation austenitic stainless steel, copper alloy, high nickel alloy and anti-oxidation non-metallic seal for valve selection, material selection, design and manufacture to ensure the safety of material selection.

In terms of valve type, we mainly recommend soft seat ball valve and globe valve to avoid electrostatic and spark caused by friction between valve sealing pairs. Besides, all valves are designed and tested for anti-static. Finally, all parts of the valve are degreased to prevent the valve from being contaminated by grease, so as to ensure the practicability and safety of the valve under oxygen condition.

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